Announcing #BlackWomensHealthMatters, a Hysterical Women mini series in partnership with Modibodi

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my plans for the future of Hysterical Women, including working with brand partners to commission a more diverse, intersectional range of guest posts, highlighting the healthcare experiences of women who face multiple forms of discrimination and oppression.

I’m really delighted to announce that the first brand to come on board as a sponsor is leak-proof underwear brand Modibodi, who will be funding a mini series of paid guest posts on black women’s health, titled #BlackWomensHealthMatters, this October. As well as coinciding with Black History Month, I hope this series will contribute in a small way to continuing the vitally important Black Lives Matter conversation.

In recent months we’ve seen the impact of COVID-19 on the health of black people and other ethnic minorities, and we also know that there are huge racial disparities in maternity care, where black women are five times more likely than white women to die during pregnancy or childbirth. We know racism is a huge barrier to accessing support in mental healthcare, and that misconceptions about black people’s pain thresholds also lead to poorer care and pain management. We urgently need to hear more of these stories and experiences.

Thanks to Modibodi’s support, for the first time in two years Hysterical Women has a budget to commission and pay for three guest posts. I’d like to invite black women (both cis and trans) to pitch guest posts on any experiences of sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination in healthcare – whether that’s being dismissed or not taken seriously by a GP, denied pain relief in A&E, coming up against ‘strong black woman’ stereotypes in mental healthcare, or anything else. These stories can relate to any aspect of healthcare – physical or mental – although I’m particularly keen for one of them to focus on maternity/perinatal care.

I also welcome pitches from black AFAB trans or non-binary people, who may have experienced similar biases as a result of being perceived as female by healthcare professionals.

Although my budget for this mini series is limited to three paid posts, I hope the conversations it sparks will extend way beyond that. I’m continuing to accept voluntary submissions from anyone who is able to give their time in this way, and I’d also love to hear from any black women’s health charities, organisations or campaigners who are happy to be interviewed by me or contribute a post on their work. I’ll be reaching out to several of these groups myself over the coming weeks, but please send me your recommendations if there’s anyone you’d particularly like to see featured.

As part of their sponsorship, Modibodi will also be offering Hysterical Women readers an exclusive discount code so you can try out their underwear for yourselves. They’re one of the brands of leak-proof undies I personally use (and love) for my period on a monthly basis. Available in women’s and men’s styles, they’re also suitable for incontinence, pregnancy and maternity wear, providing protection against periods, pee and perspiration.

To find out more or get involved with #BlackWomensHealthMatters, see our submission guidelines at or email

Please get your pitches to me by 27 August, deadline for submissions will be late September.