Participants wanted for a focus group on pelvic mesh pain

I’ve been contacted by a team of researchers in Cambridge, who are planning a research project that will investigate symptoms of pelvic mesh complications, including pain. I’ve pasted the full details below – I’m just the messenger, so please contact the researchers if you’re interested or have any questions:

The overall goal of this project is to develop a questionnaire that can be used to assess mesh pain in doctor-patient interactions. We hope that the questionnaire will improve the diagnosis and monitoring of complications resulting from pelvic mesh implants.

To help us achieve this, we would like to speak to women who have experienced or currently experience symptoms resulting from a pelvic mesh implant. Specifically, we would like to better understand the aspects of pelvic mesh complication that you feel are most important, and to get your feedback on the process that we plan to use to develop the questionnaire.

Why is your participation important? 
– Hearing directly about your personal experiences is essential to help doctors to understand the symptoms of pelvic mesh complications.
– Sharing your experiences will improve the quality of our research by making it more relevant.
– With your help, we can ensure that our research methods are suitable.
– Your involvement will help us to communicate our findings effectively.

What will participation involve? 
We will be running an online two-hour session on 02.11.2020 using video conferencing software (Zoom). The session will include 6 members of the public in addition to members of our research team, and a patient and public involvement coordinator.

During the session, you will be invited to discuss:
– The suitability of the methods that we plan to use to investigate symptoms resulting from pelvic mesh complications.
– Your experiences of talking with health professionals such as GPs about your symptoms.

Be assured that the feedback that you provide to us is confidential and will not affect your healthcare in any way. With your consent, the video session will be recorded. After the session, the speech from the video will be kept as a word document, so that we can share the findings from the session within our research team. Your details will be anonymised in the word document, and the video will be deleted afterwards.

Who are we? 
We are a team of researchers based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University, and Anglia Ruskin University. Our team includes consultants in urology and pain medicine, cognitive neuroscientists, a senior research nurse, and a psychologist with expertise in questionnaire development.

How to get involved: 
If you are interested in taking part in the focus group, please email Jenny Todd ( or Kelly Leonard ( If you are interested in getting involved in this research but can’t attend the focus group, please feel free to get in touch and we will find a way for you to share your feedback in a different way.