What to buy the Hysterical Women in your life this festive period

Firstly, my apologies to those of you who – like me – feel like it’s still a bit too early to be throwing the C word around. But, given how quickly it seems to be coming round, I thought it was probably about time to present you with this year’s gift guide.

Last year I only included books, with a roundup of all the brilliant women’s health books I’d featured during the year. This year I decided to expand it out a bit and asked for some of your recommendations on my Instagram stories. The gift ideas listed below are a mixture of those reader suggestions and my own personal recommendations.

The Amazon book links are affiliate links, which means I’ll get a tiny bit of commission if you buy through them – this goes straight back into covering the costs of running Hysterical Women. But equally I understand if you’d rather take the recommendation and buy from an independent retailer instead! 


If you missed them earlier in the year, treat yourself or a loved one to this year’s Hysterical Women Book Club reads, and then catch-up on my Q&As with authors Gabrielle Jackson, Dr Philippa Kaye, and Lara Parker, and editor Emily Horgan.

Pain and Prejudice: A Call to Arms for Women and Their Bodies
The M Word: Everything You Need to Know About the Menopause
So Hormonal: A Collection of Essays on Hormones
Vagina Problems: Endometriosis, Painful Sex and Other Taboo Topics
PMSL: Or How I Literally Pissed Myself Laughing and Survived the Last Taboo to Tell the Tale

While you’re at it, why not get ahead of yourself and order December’s Book of the Month as a cheeky pre-Christmas gift to yourself? You deserve it!

Luce Brett’s PMSL is part memoir, part feminist manifesto, exploring the messy, mortifying and downright depressing reality of life with incontinence.

Although Luce’s own story focuses on her experience of postnatal leaking, this book is not just for mums. I’d recommend it to absolutely anyone with a pelvic floor (psst, that’s all of you!)

My Q&A with Luce will be published on the blog next week, and she’ll also be joining me for an Instagram Live Q&A in mid-December, so get reading and join us for a festive fanny chat.

You can buy PMSL via the Amazon link to the right, or Hysterical Women readers can get 20% off the RRP by buying directly from Bloomsbury, using the code PMSL20

This Period In My Life: A Period Guide Book and Journal

If you’re buying for someone younger, who’s either recently started or preparing to start their period, I’d really recommend this lovely book by Saskia Boujo.

This Period In My Life features a beautifully illustrated guide to periods, from symptoms and practical advice, to social issues like period poverty.

It also has a brilliant set of cycle tracking and journaling pages. I’m a huge advocate of tracking and wish I’d got into the habit of doing so at a younger age. This is a great way for girls, young women and other new menstruators to get to know their cycles, keep track of any symptoms that could be problematic, and get to know what’s normal for them.

Period Products

Options for women and other menstruators of all ages – whether they’re looking for more eco-friendly options, or natural pain relief and self-care around their time of the month. 


Comfy and convenient leak-proof undies, suitable for periods, pee, perspiration and pregnancy. Modibodi offers a range of styles for men, women and teens.

Get 20% off using discount code HystericalWomen at modibodi.co.uk


Eco-friendly organic cotton pads, tampons and liners, plus the nüdie period cup.

&SISTERS describes their range of products as “better for your body, better for our planet, and better for our sisters”.

Get 20% off using discount code hystericalsisters at andsisters.co.uk 


Ohne sells a range of CBD products designed to relieve period pain naturally. I’m eyeing up the CBD n Chill bundle, which features their holy cramp CBD oil, vegan CBD chocolate bliss bar, and a BRB I’m bleeding bag for period product storage.

Shop at ohne.com 


 Another range of natural pain relief and period pampering options – highly recommended by Hysterical Women reader Dee, who says they’re “pretty mega for peeps with periods.”

Shop their gift bundles, including Bath Bombs and Sleep Pillow Mist, at  beyouonline.co.uk  

Clothes & accessories

From disability aids for chronically ill friends and family members, to fun ways for them to wear their heart (and their vulva) on their sleeve.

Not Your Grandma's

Compression socks in fun space, dinosaur and floral designs, plus disability-themed T-shirts, jewellery and stationery.

Shop at notyourgrandmas.co.uk 

I'm Fine Attire

Another brand recommended by Hysterical Women readers, I’m Fine Attire produces clothing for people with chronic illnesses – including jeans and leggings with specially designed heat pack pockets.

Shop at imfineattire.com 

Wilde Mode

Gender and size inclusive brand, whose products include undies, leggings, face coverings, reusable period pads, and ostomy bag covers.

Shop at wildemode.com 

Eliza Eliza

Is there a more 2020 Christmas gift than a face mask? Buy a vulva mask in aid of gynae cancer charity The Eve Appeal, or a boob mask in aid of Coppafeel. 

You’ll also find lavender eye pillows, clutch bags, purses and scrunchies in the same designs at elizaelizauk.com 

Homewares & art

Mugs, magnets, soft furnishings and prints to brighten up their living spaces. 

Vagina Museum

You can get all sorts in the Vagina Museum’s online shop – including T-shirts, jewellery and face masks – but I’m a particularly big fan of their feminist art prints, mugs and magnets, and this fun set of feminist coasters from their homewares section.

Shop at vaginamuseumshop.co.uk 


Absolutely beautiful handcrafted titty rugs and wall hangings from this brand new Dorset-based small business.

Order on Instagram @_entitties_ 

JoJo Designs

Another reader recommendation. Artist Jo paints stunning floral watercolours, for sale via her Etsy shop at JoJoDesignsOnline

Peace With The Wild

Eco-friendly and plastic free homewares – including candles, insence, storage baskets, towels, cleaning and laundry products – as well as bodycare and beauty.

Shop at peacewiththewild.co.uk