New research published by The Eve Appeal for their annual Get Lippy campaign

Photo: Get Lippy Ambassador Yomi Adegoke, by @HollyMcGlynnPhotographer

To the surprise of absolutely none of Hysterical Women’s regular readers… Women and people with gynae organs are nearly five times as likely to feel not listened to by a healthcare professional when seeking help for a reproductive health issue.

23% of women and people with gynaecological anatomy have felt not listened to in medical appointments about their reproductive health – compared with just 5% of men – even though they are twice as likely (72% compared to 35% of men) to have been to the doctor about a reproductive health issue or worrying symptom.

The research was commissioned by gynaecological cancer charity The Eve Appeal, and carried out by YouGov, as part of the charity’s annual Get Lippy campaign – the national, month-long campaign to start conversations about gynaecological health, which takes place each May.

Of the survey respondents who had sought help for a reproductive health issue, women were almost twice as likely (20% vs 11%) to leave the appointment feeling like they had raised a ‘trivial’ issue, and more than twice as likely (23% vs 11%) to have left feeling disappointed in how their concern was handled by the medical professional.

To help support women and people with gynae organs get the help they need for their gynaecological health, The Eve Appeal has launched a set of tips for getting the most out of your gynae health appointment – from coming prepared with all of the information the doctor might need, to ways to feel more comfortable and confident discussing your symptoms.

The Eve Appeal is joining with a host of health and beauty brands to Get Lippy and Loud about gynaecological cancers this May. The aim is to break down the taboos and barriers that prevent people seeking help for gynae health concerns, having their health concerns taken seriously when they do, and getting diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

Athena Lamnisos, The Eve Appeal CEO, says: ‘We know that there are many issues to address about getting the best for people around gynaecological health. Sometimes it’s embarrassment, often it’s lack of knowledge and awareness of what symptoms or changes might mean. Some symptoms – for example abnormal vaginal bleeding – might be for many reasons, not necessarily cancer, but they still need to be checked at the earliest stage. It’s always best to rule cancer out.’

Dr Ellie Cannon, GP, says: ‘It’s so important to listen to patients and understand their concerns – particularly in areas that might be more difficult to discuss and where there might be a lack of knowledge about what symptoms might mean. The Get Lippy tips will really help people get the most of out of an appointment.’